Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Note To Elizabeth May

Now that it looks like you will be included in the debate, you have the following homework assignment. Prepare to answer this question. Ms. May, you have already endorsed Stephane Dion for Prime Minister and you have also endorsed at least two other Liberal candidates in ridings being contested by your own party. Why should we take you seriously as a party leader and potential prime minister? I suspect it will be the first question you face, so start thinking about your answer now.
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  1. Amazing. its as if anyone in politics must actively hate all others who are not aligned with them? She chose to say "I would rather dion than harper" so shes suddenly a liberal? she prefaced that with "I want me as PM" why is that ignored? as for the other candidates, saying they would be worthy MPs is not a bad thing. We should take her seriously because she doesnt see the opposition and start with the slander. She's willing to work with other parties and isnt afraid of recognizing the achievements of her peers. Even if they threaten her success.

  2. Even if they threaten her success.

    Well given she wants to be PM, how does propose to suceed if she goes around endorsing the candidates of other parties. Does she not know how the electoral system works? I realize that she wants PR and believe me I agree with her, but we aren't there yet and to put her trust in the Liberals to look after her interests seems naive in the extreme.

  3. The second question may well be regarding her opposition to a woman's right to chose. Ought to be interesting.