Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Pitiless Logic Of "Stop Harper"

Call it political karma. If Travers and Walkom are right (there has to be a first time), we should, in very short order, see Layton appeal to soft Liberals to come over to the NDP to stop a Harper "majority". Too bad we don't have an electoral system designed so we could vote for a party rather than against one, eh?

Sunday Update: Right on schedule.

Sunday Update 2: The problem with Layton's new strategy is that it buys into the idea of strategic voting. One wonders what he will say if the polls take a sudden turn in another direction?

Monday Update: Like now, for example.
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  1. Greg --

    It's like when you gerrymander ridings/congressional districts, so that you win them all comfortably by 5-10 points.

    It works well until there's a wave election, and then you lose them all.

    That's what the Liberals may have put themselves in -- they cut out a path for the default federalist party in Quebec, and the Tories have supplanted them there; and now the NDP is threatening to take over their "default 'progressive' anti-Harper party" position in English Canada.

    This is just one poll -- but it may have a galvanizing effect.