Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Political Karma

It will be fun to watch the liblogs respond to this little number:
But the party that has been so skillful at complementing its progressive arm with a business side appears to be flying on one wing these days. The so-called natural governing party of old has allowed itself to be characterized as just one of a cluster of parties on the left of the political spectrum, competing for limited votes. In the second week of the election campaign, the Liberals who slew the deficit in the mid-1990s are portrayed by their political opponents and commentators alike as a risky economic choice.
I can hear it now. Instead of "But, but, but, we're progressives, too!", the new mantra will be: "But, but, but we're cold-hearted bastards, too". Liberals, take this as a lesson. This is what happens to you when you abandon your Bay Street masters.
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