Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Anti-Politician Political Dirty Tricks

Ok, I am the first to admit that I don't know what I am saying half the time. However, calling voters "stupid" doesn't seem to me to be a prudent thing to do when you are asking them for their votes. Just as it seems somewhat unorthodox to endorse candidates from another party. Who knows, though? Maybe this a winning formula for a new 21st century politics. After all, who would have thought that choosing a soap opera for a running mate would help John McCain? Maybe the 21st century will be the political bizarro century.

Fake Clip

H/T to Buckdog.

Update: James takes me to task for the video in question. I don't remember the conversation he alludes to, but he is a truthful sort, so I believe him. It just goes to show that editing audio can do all sorts of mischief. I apologize to Ms. May for falling into the trap of believing what I heard. I still want to know why she is endorsing Liberal candidates though.

Update 2: I am leaving the video up but only to let people know it is a fake.
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  1. Greg, I'm ashamed of you. We talked about this on the Bloggers Hotstove when it first came out, remember? First of all, this quote cuts off very conveniently right at the end of the "offending" line. Secondly, it's quite clear from the context of the answer, that what Elizabeth May is agreeing with is the assessment that most mainstream politicians think that Canadians are stupid, NOT that she thinks Canadians are stupid.

    Want proof? Well, consider, if she thinks that Canadians are too stupid to accept a carbon tax, why on earth would she be advocating it? Masochism?

    You know better than this.

  2. It's not _fake_, per se, it's out of context. The clip conveniently cuts out the moment May says those offending words, but that's the extent of the doctoring. However, it's still clear to me that what's she's trying to say is not that Canadians are stupid, but that politicians are insulting Canadians' intelligence.

    You might not have been on the episode of the Bloggers Hotstove when we talked about this, but it's old news that's being recycled only now that some people feel that May is a threat.

  3. Thanks for the correction, though. And sorry if I came across too strong in my first quote.

  4. No problem James. I hate it when things are taken out of context. I think that is out of bounds. It is "fake" in my book because it presents a quote as meaning one thing when the speaker was intending something entirely different.

  5. So who is the source of this fake and-or out of context clip?

    Who would want to imitate this kind of Republican Party swift-boat smear tatcic?

    Hmmm... I wonder.....