Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If I Was Dalton McGuinty (Or Jack Layton)

I would invite all of the Harper Ontario cabinet ministers to stand up for fair representation for Ontario, just as James Moore has done for B.C. I am sure Baird, Clement and Flaherty et al., would knock each other over, rushing to the microphone.
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  1. It would work for McGuinty, but I don't think it would work for Layton. Since the NDP's strategy is to go for government now, he can't be seen as sticking up for any particular region, and especially not the one he himself represents (and which a lot of the rest of the country hates).

  2. I agree to a certain extent, but the Conservatives are trying to paint Layton as being anti-BC. He could counter it (IMO only) by saying that he not only supports more seats for BC, but in the concept of representation by population. Then he could invite all parties to do the same thing and then stand back and watch the ensuing fun.

  3. It's a simple, principled stand which would be difficult to argue against.

    But then, Layton had a chance to stand up for legalization of pot, which is supported by a clear majority of Canadians. (And an even clearer majority of people who could vote NDP.)

    Once politicians start to prevaricate, they find it hard to stop. (I'm looking at my party's leader, too.)

  4. "Then he could invite all parties to do the same thing and then stand back and watch the ensuing fun."

    Fester, is this a strategy or another of your representation by population revenge fantasies?

  5. Ace: It would be pretty good strategy, actually. It would cost him nothing to say he is in favor of more seats for B.C. and he could get point in Ontario by defending the idea of rep. by pop. It would have the added bonus of making the Ontario Torie MPs defend the idea that Ontario doesn't need to have its full share of seats.

  6. You could be right, Fester--though Layton's already lost the nudist vote in B.C.