Thursday, August 06, 2009

When You Are A Hammer (Or Even A Sack Of Them)

The whole world looks like a nail. That's why tools offer us only limited solutions. Speaking of tools, for Liberals, the solution to any problem, is to become a member of the Liberal Party of Canada.
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  1. All hail Iggy Pop and the Liberals!

    Seriously, these editorials pop up every week. How long has the Liberal spin machine been trying to convince moderate conservatives and progressives and greens to take shelter under their big tent? For what, the honour of having an unelected leader, or propping up a government 79 times consecutively that it supposedly opposes.

    It's easy enough to lay the blame on a capital-L Liberal bias (yeah, right), but I think it's more insidious than that: it's laziness. The media (not all, mind you) would rather have a 2-party system to report and comment on. Wrong vs. right, right vs. left, good vs. bad - it's so much simpler than actually dissecting the nuances of issues and having to report on gray areas or alternative viewpoints. There's a simplistic process in saying: here is the Liberal position, here is the Conservative position - and we'll stand with one or the other.

    Or I could be wrong and the Liberal party is watching their beloved majority recede further into the distance, and if that's so, watch for the inevitable "but the NDP will never form the government, so you might as well vote for the Liberals". Echoed, of course, by their friendly stenographers, a la Mr Anderson.

    Of course, it is not centre-left and the centre-right that have been occupied by the two largest political parties, it is the degree of corporatism that defines their positions.

  2. The Greens are eating the Liberals lunch, so the Liberals are trying to pretend that the NDP is in decline (although anyone who looks at the voting data would be hard pressed to see it) in order to poach a few of the more gullible "progressives". Twas ever thus. Unfortunately, Jack Layton and the gang are not helping matters by cozying up to the Democratic Party. Talk about getting into bed with a diseased yak. Yuck.

  3. Agreed.
    Barry Weisleder said the same thing a couple of days ago: