Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Agony Of The American Left: A Lesson

It is instructive following Ian Welsh's documentation of the disillusionment of the American left, about Obama(even though people like Ian did warn them). Obama is just acting like any Canadian Liberal would if placed in the same situation. Indeed, Obama's campaign was a proto-typical Liberal campaign -- he used meaningless platitudes like "hope" to sucker the "progressives" into projecting their lefty hearts' desires onto him. Then once the election is over, Obama thanked them very much and then ruled according to the wishes of the corporations that own the country.

Leftists in Canada should take this as a warning. Never get into bed with Liberals (and that includes third way New Democrats). They will use you for their own gain and then dump your sorry ass to the curb when it suits them.

Update: "Progressives" should tuck this away for future reference. Whenever Iggy and the boys begin singing Kumbaya in the next election (and you just know they will), remember who is conducting the show from the wings. Hint, it aint the progressive wing of the Liberal party.
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