Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh, Now I Get It

No wonder Liberals were making a big deal about Layton going to see Harper. They think if they can get a few of their interns to walk behind Layton with a sign, we won't read the story in the Star, in which they (YET AGAIN) signal to Harper that he has a clear field for a good while yet. As Warren Kinsella says. I smell a dirty deal! WWPETD?! Wankers.

Update: Money quote:
"You can't push the election button every time . . . I think that is irresponsible."
The eternal cry of the Liberal Party. "We think it is irresponsible to have an election, unless we think we are going to win. In which case, no one had better stand in our way, or we will be cross!" Christ, what wankers.
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  1. Harper still has never lost a confidence vote as prime minister.

    Strange how that works... What's your election over/under date? (Or what's your prediction?)

    I say October 2012, unless Harper thinks he can get a majority at some earlier point.

  2. I won't take your bet, because I think you are right.