Sunday, August 16, 2009

Problem? The Establishment's All-Purpose Solution

From his platform in the Globe, Norm Spector tackles the problem of vote splitting.
Let’s face it: The stronger the Dippers and the more they eat into the Liberal vote, the greater the chances that Stephen Harper and his family will continue to enjoy their chef’s fine food and that great view overlooking the Ottawa River after the next election, notwithstanding the Conservatives being supported by a mere 36 per cent or so of Canadians. Plus he’ll have the power to name senators and judges and fly around the world in his own jet meeting interesting folks like Barack Obama, if not Bono.
That is a humdinger all right. Having a government supported by only 36% of those who bothered to vote, is an outrage in a supposedly modern democracy. I bet you can't wait to hear Spector's solution. I hope it is electoral reform! Let's go see.
It took numb-skulls on the centre-right three consecutive Chrétien victories to figure out that they had to unite their forces if they hoped to form government again. Now, with Michael Ignatieff hugging the centre and playing doppelgänger to Mr. Harper, it’s beginning to look as though it will take dim-wits on the centre-left at least as long to figure out their path to victory. In fact, after striking out on their coalition coup — an embarrassment that you’ll not hear mentioned by the speechifiers at this weekend’s meeting — it might take them even longer.
Doh, it's unite the "left"! Of course. What Canada needs is a two party system, just like the United States. What a fucking brilliant idea. I'm surprised Ian Capstick hasn't written about it.

Instant Update:Oh, and Norm gets the extra special Wanker of the Year award for using the word "coup", in connection with the coalition proposal. In fact, I am thinking of retiring the award, in Norm's honor.
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