Saturday, June 07, 2008


A metaphorical note thrown through Jack Layton's window last night: "Unless you are willing to treat Israel like it is part of Canada and unquestioningly support every last decision made by its leadership, don't say anything at all. You have been warned."

Instant Update: It seems a bit odd for Canada to boycott a such a meeting and give the field over completely to "rogue" states. Would it not make more sense for Canada to be there and speak out against the "Israel should be wiped off the map" crowd? This seems more like a strategy to help the real Israel haters to get out their message as a means to justify western Islamophobes. Extremists love to feed off each other's hatred. Why is Canada enabling extremism?

Update On Sunday: No wonder the piece reads like it was written by someone from the American Enterprise Institute.
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  1. So much for the "we must combat hate speech with better speech" mantra. Obviously in reality we must combat hate speech by hiking up our skirts and running away from it.

  2. The National Post doesn't like the NDP's foreign policy.

    Big deal. Sky's blue. Dog bites man. Etc.

    If, say, the Toronto Star (or more specifically Haroon Siddiqui) condemned Layton's foreign policy, that'd be noteworthy.

    If I were a Dipper, I'd take each criticism from the National Post as a note of praise.

    [I'm not, and I agree more with the Post's editorial board than I agree with the political parties I support. But you guys don't, and shouldn't.]

  3. But yes, it's a pity the PM didn't have the wit to do something like this.

    I can see it now -- Mark Steyn or Ezra Levant as Canada's delegate to Durban II.


    I should be a political staffer. I have these ideas...