Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Laws? Why They Are Nothing But Political Issues

Case number two of Tories ignoring and subverting the rule of law. The Harperites have their lawyers in court fighting against a lawsuit brought against them by Friends of the Earth. I will let the CBC bring forward the government's "argument":
Lawyers representing the federal government argue that the issue is a political matter and should be resolved in Parliament, not in court.
You realize of course the lawyers are making this argument about a law already passed by Parliament. It is a unique view of the law. You see, a law is not a law, just because it is passed by Parliament. Not for these guys. Just as a treaty on the rights of child soldiers is not a treaty just because Canada has signed it. Laws are laws when Parliament agrees with Stephen Harper and not a minute sooner. I can't wait to hear how the court feels about this interpretation of the rule of law, by our glorious conservative overlords.
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