Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Laws? Trials? We Have Belief, Sir

The Harperites are putting their ideological interests ahead of the interests of a Canadian citizen. Is anyone surprised? Omar Khadr is a threefer. He is a minor charged with a crime and that crime is terrorism. He also comes from a really odious family. In the eyes of the Harperites that makes him guilty and therefore beyond the pale.

Trials and laws are meaningless (unless Mr. Harper is suing of course). The cops (or in this case the U.S. military) charged the guy, so he must have done it. Never mind that there are grave doubts about the veracity of the evidence. Never mind that Khadr was 15 at the time of his arrest and falls under provisions of a treaty to which Canada is a signatory. Disregard the fact that Khadr is being brought before a rigged "court" where he and his lawyer have few rights. No, he is guilty. The base wants it to be so, so that is all for Omar. I have always been of the opinion that Harper and company were a bunch of lawless thugs. The way they have handled the Khadr case proves it.

Update: Meanwhile, Liberals are in fine form. Attacking the government for inaction (never mind the fact that their own party did nothing to expedite the release of Khadr for five years, while it was in government). For the one millionth time, the Liberal party pounds its chest, while doing exactly zero to bring down this government. Liberals give flaccid a whole new meaning.
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