Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Liberals Fold Again. So What?

It is to the point where no one even notices when the Liberals cave in to the Tories. It has become as normal as breathing. Not that anyone really cares. As long as we have first past the post, the "Not-Quite-The-Conservative-Party" will prosper, no matter what.

Eventually, after Stephane Dion communes with the Virgin Mary, or perhaps the Oracle of Delphi, we will have an election. I expect on one side will be the thugs of the Conservative Party, throwing feces in every direction and on the other side will be the "Not-Quite-The-Conservative-Party" doing what it does best (really the only thing it does well), scaring the shit out of NDP and Green voters. And finally, when it is over and nothing really changes and the voting turnout goes down, again, the pundits in the MSM will wail about the "decline of civic culture". Sorry, I have to go throw up.
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