Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The NDP's Culpability

The NDP's sin in the Turmel business was assuming they were dealing with people who have an internal moral compass. They should have known better. The Liberals made the mistake of thinking there was a low point past which the PMO wouldn't stoop and they lost two leaders as a result. The NDP have to realize they are dealing with a group of sociopaths, led by the Prime Minister himself. They will literally do anything to destroy anyone who opposes them. The NDP can either fight back or not. It won't matter to the PMO, either way.
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  1. You're the official opposition now, Greg.

    Don't know whether it was the PMO pushing this or the Liberal war room, but: if you join a separatist party -- or two! -- you may expect that federalist parties that are not yours will have a question or two about it. What's more, they won't be wrong to, either.

    That's all.

    Tempest in a teapot. Lapierre didn't sink the Grits. (Martin did.) Turmel, whether she's in Parliament for four years or twenty, won't sink the NDP.

  2. The NDP can either fight back or not. It won't matter to the PMO, either way.

    True. But it matters a great deal for the NDP's purposes.

    A strong fight back could well consolidate the party's Quebec support, as the Cons and Libs go out of their way to slam a significant chunk of the province's electorate. In contrast, any sign of weakness will both damage that effort, and create a more lasting impression that the NDP won't stand up for itself (which will only encourage the other parties to launch more and more aggressive attacks).

  3. @other Greg: this post is a call to fight back, with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

  4. NOT ONE WORD FROM HARPER as the Tea Party's actions threatened to drive this country into recession ... but ... an attack on Turmel!?

    I agree with you totally. The New Dems need to start using some of the same tactics as the Harperites!