Thursday, August 04, 2011

Last Word On The Turmel Fiasco

To the MSM, give your collective head a shake. You have been played. You chased after the shiny rather than using your heads (or whatever the hell Rob Silver uses for thinking). You have now said to soft nationalists that they have no right to change their minds and vote for a federalist party rather than the Bloc. Not only that, if they have the nerve to actually run for a federalist party, they will be held up to ridicule and suspicion. Way to go gang. Your truly are a bunch of stupid motherfuckers. Harper is right to hold you in contempt.
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  1. Soft nationalists decide they want to try and help improve the country without the overhanging spectre of the Bloc. Media laughs at them and tells them to go away, that their input is neither valued nor Canadian enough.

    Is there a better way to create hard nationalists that'll push for full separation from Canada?