Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things That Make You Say Hmmm

The NDP doesn't prop up the Tories and gets roasted by the Liblosphere. The Bloc does prop them up and crickets.

Update: Well there are some reactions to the Bloc's move on Liberal blogs now (the ones I read anyway) and they range from indifference to ennui. In many ways this is similar to the healthcare "debate" in the U.S. Reality has taken a back seat to tribal loyalty. If the group thinks the sky is pink then it is pink and woe to the person who tells them it is blue. Liberals quite frankly don't care whether the NDP votes with the Conservatives or not, in the real world. In their hearts, the NDP always votes with the Conservatives, because they, the NDP, are not Liberals. Whereas although Liberals do vote regularly with the Conservatives, that is entirely different. After all, they are Liberals. It is the difference that makes all the difference.
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  1. Well, SteveV has never been anything but a Liberal cheerleader. Witness, for example, his ongoing insistence that Dexter is a Liberal because he... uh... won government? Or something.

    Tribe's regression is sad to be hold. He used to have a brain. But, I guess the fantasy of a second coming of Trudeau has warped his perceptions.

  2. The difference however is simple. The NDP can almost always say they got something in return for their support of a minority government. That I suspect is what really rankles the Liberals.

    The mouse can sometimes make the cat deliver. I imagine that would be humiliating... ahhh for the cat, just in case an LPCer or Con is reading this.