Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Hmm Moments

Take a look at this article. After a straightforward reporting of the Bloc's move to vote with the government and of the polls, the next half of the article is spent savaging the NDP and reprinting Liberal attack lines without comment. So, the Bloc votes with the government and yawn. The NDP considers voting with the government and the Liberals and their corporate press buddies are out, knives drawn. Does anyone else smell a coordinated effort here? It appears the Liberals (and the corporate press) have a softly, softly strategy with the Bloc (don't want to upset Quebecers don't ya know), but the gloves are off in English Canada. Our betters want a Liberal majority and the socialists are in their way.
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  1. Tinfoil hat, anyone? It's the same stunt the NDP and Tories played--how many times was it, 73, 74?--when the Liberals supported the government. It's not a conspiracy, it's the way a disfunctional hyperpartisan parliament works.

  2. Tinfoil hat, anyone?
    Exactly. I am sure it can be explained by the Liberal/corporate media's inherent affection for the Bloc Quebecois. You are right about one thing. This has nothing to do with reality, it is all about partisanship.