Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tell Me Progressive Liberals

What is the difference between a Tory and a Liberal? In Ontario, we have a Liberal government that is increasing the reach of a flat tax that hurts the poor more than the rich, while at the same time is lowering business taxes in an insane race to the bottom with Mississippi. In addition, this Liberal government has decided to kick the working poor by scrapping the one decent thing it has done since taking office, the raise in the minimum wage. If I close my eyes and listen, I would be hard pressed to tell the difference between Dalton McGuinty and Stephen Harper.
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  1. Progressive Liberal is becoming an oxymoron.

  2. Hmm... seems to me that when the federal Conservatives cut the GST, the "progressives" claimed sales taxes fall more heavily on the rich.

    (Not sure whether you said that yourself, Greg, so this criticism may not apply to you.)