Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Scales Are Lifting

His Royal Igginess is slowly coming to realize that just because he votes with the government, it doesn't mean he won't be blamed for all the ills befalling the nation. As he said himself yesterday:“
This Prime Minister cannot live without creating artificial crises,” he alleged. “From the 28th of January when I decided to vote this budget, I did so because I believe stimulus was in the national interest, right? I cannot understand why he wants to provoke difficulties where there are none. My only hypothesis is this economy’s falling like a stone and he’d like you to write about something else.”

Then, for good measure. “It’s ridiculous,” he said. “It’s a joke.”
Yes, it is Iggy and at your expense. This PM is a psychopath with whom you thought you could do business, rather than sully yourself with a coalition. So enjoy the "joke". Harper has an endless supply of them.

Update: Iggy shouldn't be complaining so much. Conservative pundits absolutely adore him.
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  1. Greg:

    Go to the bathroom. Stand in front of the mirror and practice saying: Prime Minister Ignatieff. I'm afraid that if you leave it the last minute something akin to the bends will happen :)

  2. Hi Kevin. Thanks for the advice. I did what you said and I survived, but only just. ;)