Monday, October 08, 2007

A Word Of Caution

For those of you out there who are saying "Let's wait for STV". You should read the following paragraph carefully. It will become the template for opposition to that plan, if and when it ever emerges here.
The “citizens' assembly” that arrived at the proposed new model came much closer to getting it right than a similar panel did in British Columbia before that province's last election. There, the alternative on offer was an absurdly convoluted preferential voting system in which British Columbians would have required a political-science degree to figure out how to cast their ballot – and which, more important, would have severely weakened the party system such that effective and accountable government would have been impossible.
The high priests of the status quo will not like STV any better than MMP. The arguments will change but the underlying fear, smear and misrepresentation will remain. The truth is, the elites in this province (and their minions in the corporate press) like the way things are now and do not want any meaningful change to the the system. Why should they? They have all of the power now and by God, they are not going to share it without a fight. Don't be lulled by their reassurances that if you help them defeat MMP, they will turn around and give you something else.
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  1. clwybikMost of us don't want anything else.
    You keep telling us we should.
    Two votes per voter, not an answer.
    Convince the voters that the powers that be don't deserve it.
    When you can, you will overcome.
    If you can't, keep trying. Our best politicians persevered.

  2. I am saying we needn't bang our heads against the wall. We still have it in our hands to teach "the powers that be" a lesson in people power. What I am saying is not to listen to those who are saying "If you just vote against this, we will change the system some other way". That is a crock.