Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What A Night

Well that was a bit of a disaster, wasn't it? Needless to say, that was my last vote in an Ontario election. I will still vote federally, since the parties get money for the votes they collect (thanks Jean!), but I won't vote again provincially as long as we keep FPTP. I live in a Tory riding and I have better things to do with my time.

Andrew Coyne is right.

Update:The voter turnout was about 50% in this election. Good luck convincing people to show up to the next one.
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  1. It's a shame about MMP, but you've got to play the hand you're dealt. In good news, the Greens took a remarkable 8% of the vote. Maybe next time they can win a few seats the old fashioned way.

  2. " I won't vote again provincially as long as we keep FPTP"

    It's still better than Alberta's system or rotten boroughs.

  3. James B. as the song says "You gotta know when to hold em, when to fold 'em".

    I am throwing in a bad hand in a fixed game.

    Ace, it is better than North Korea too. It is still a waste of time if you live in a safe seat. At least federally the parties get funded based on popular support. In Ontario, my only reward is a walk to my polling both. Well, maybe in four years I might feel like walking somewhere else that day.

  4. Greg,

    I'm more misquoting from Terry Pratchett's character, Sam Vimes, who says, you do the job that's in front of you.

  5. James, convince me the game isn't fixed and maybe I will play. Give it a think. Answer this question. I live in a safe Tory seat. My vote means nothing since it is completely discounted once the Tory member is elected. No one even looks at where the NDP finishes in this riding and no one cares what I think because there is no reason for them too. My vote doesn't even mean the party will receive funding (btw I contributed my own funds to them this time, regardless). What is my incentive for voting?

  6. You prevent yourself from becoming one more person that the NDP have to convince in your riding to change their mind in order put them over the top.

    As stacked as the system is against the third and fourth parties, it's still all about the people. They're your greatest obstacle, but they're also the only ones that will bring change about. You have to address them.

    It will take a long time, and there will be lots of failures and setbacks. But you do the job that's in front of you. That's how you make things go forward.

  7. Too bad for the NDP then. They would have to change the demographics of this riding too, while they were at it.

    As for the people, I don't blame them for this. I really don't. They were lied to by the no side. I will continue to work for electoral reform, but participating in Ontario elections as they are structured is a waste of time. By the next election I suspect the majority of Ontarians will agree with me and stay home. It almost happened this time.

  8. and we were to give crybabies like you TWO! votes?
    Again I say....Sheesh!
    Don't you guys get why most people said NO?
    Strategic voting goes beyond voting in separate elections without regard to our other governments (federal, municipal)
    The Citizen's Assembly dropped the ball.

  9. Don't you guys get why most people said NO?

    Sure, they were a) confused by the contradictory messages from the yes and no sides b)saw partisan advantage to voting no c)unaware of the referendum due to terrible job Elections Ontario did in its campaign d) Unwilling to take a chance on trying something new for fear that it would make things even worse than it is now e) really believe FPTP is the better system. I get it. I just don't want to play anymore in a rigged game. Sorry if that sounds like crying, but whatever. I am sure the people of Ontario will get along just fine without my vote.

    BTW, if by some miracle Ontario is so screwed over by some future "majority" government that people are crying for another kick at reform I will be so there. Until then, I will tend my own garden.

  10. If your vote isn't cast in an election, does anybody hear?

    I share your rage, pain and disillusionment at the referendum results, and as a Green, it hurts possibly even more than it would than for a dipper.

    But after a fleeting dance with the fantasy of not voting again I have decided that I will not go gentle into that good night and will instead, rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

    I REFUSE to give those SOBs the satisfaction of silencing my voice and aspirations. I refuse to make it easier for them to ignore me. I will continue to vote with my heart. They can continue to ignore me, but ultimately it is at their peril.

    -end of soapbox speech-

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