Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yet One More Reason To Vote MMP

I know I said don't expect much from me, but I couldn't let this one pass. David Herle, writing in the Globe, give us another fine example of why we need to vote for MMP on October 10:
The NDP campaign appears stalled and they lack an obvious way back into the campaign dynamic.

Nonetheless, the Liberals need to steal some NDP and Green votes to be in majority territory.

Polls indicate the NDP vote is soft and many current NDP supporters are prepared to move. The Liberals need those voters to believe that stopping a Tory victory is a more important imperative than voting for the NDP.


The Premier needs to harness the current high levels of satisfaction with his government and motivate the strategic vote by raising fears of change.
In other words, Mr. Herle is pushing the tired Liberal tactic of scaring the shit out of NDP voters so they will vote against their own party in order to "stop the evil Conservatives". Please God, let this be the last election we have hear such crap from the Liberals. If we have MMP in place for the next election, the Liberals will have to compete with the other parties on the strength of their ideas. Won't that be nice for a change?
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