Friday, September 21, 2007

Krugman on Health Care (Or Is It MMP?)

Paul Krugman writes this in the context of the health debate in the U.S:
But the G.O.P. nominee, whoever he is, won’t be trying to persuade the public of the merits of his own plan. Instead, he’ll try to scare the dwindling fraction of Americans who still have good health insurance by claiming that the Democrats will take it away.

The smear-and-fear campaign has already started. The Democratic plans all bear a strong resemblance to the health care plan that Mitt Romney signed into law as governor of Massachusetts, differing mainly in offering Americans additional choices. But that didn’t stop Mr. Romney from denouncing the Clinton plan as “European-style socialized medicine.” And Fred Thompson claims that the Clinton plan denies choice — which it actually offers in abundance — and relies on “punishment” instead.
If Krugman had said NoMMP instead of Republicans and FPTP rather than health plan, I would swear he was talking about electoral reform. Funny isn't it that the same people trying to block health reform in the States are the same ones trying to block electoral reform here, and using the same talking points in both cases?
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