Friday, December 05, 2008

Great Minds, etc.

Calgary Grit today:
So I do think passing a Conservative budget that adopts many of the principles the coalition has been advocating, while not an ideal situation, wouldn't be a horrible result. I really hope that the Liberals and NDP vote against it, and that it passes with the support of the evil separatists. If nothing else, that would be an embarrassment to Harper and, more importantly, I would find it really funny.
Me, in the comments over at Ben The Tiger's place the other day:
I think the coalition should vote against the budget and the Bloc should vote for it.
As CG says it would be amusing and I think a noble act, as the final gesture of the coalition, to make Harper look the fool he is.

Update: Although, CG if you are reading this, Harper will probably announce that if one of the other parties does not support him he will go the the GG for dissolution. I know that sounds insane, but this is Harper. He wants the opposition on its knees praying to him. So, if the coalition does want to do something like that, they had better keep quiet about it.
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  1. ...and fools never differ.

  2. Harper can't remake parliamentary system in his image ad hoc. If he were to refuse the Bloc's support of his budget (i know we're in heavily induced theoretical land now) and ask for dissolution and an election, I'd think the G-G would have no other recourse but to hand the keys to the coalition. And he'd look like someone who didn't want to govern.