Sunday, January 13, 2008

Funny I Didn't Even See Stephen Harper's Lips Move

Does anyone really thing Helena Guergis thought up this "witty" insult all by herself? It has Stephen Harper's shit-stained fingerprints all over it:
"It has taken more than a year after becoming Liberal leader for St├ęphane Dion to finally find Afghanistan on the map," Helena Guergis, secretary of state for foreign affairs, said in a statement Saturday.

"The irony of Dion and Iggy being in a war zone and being protected by the same troops who protect Afghan women and children is palpable," Ms. Guergis said.

"I think he should apologize to our troops while he is touring the PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team) in safety because the same reason he needs bodyguards is why our troops need to stay to protect democracy, women and children," she added.
Look, I am no fan of Stephane Dion, but the Canadian Armed Forces belong to the people of Canada. They are not a private militia of the Conservative Party. Dion need not apologize to the troops. They are an instrument of the Canadian people. If the people of Canada want a change in direction in foreign policy, it is up to the army to say "Yes, of course". The only apology necessary here is from the government of Canada to the people of Canada, for acting like they are some kind of Latin American junta, instead of a democratic government. Politicizing the army is worthy only of a third-world dictatorship. It is completely unworthy of the Prime Minister and his party. At least it should be.
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