Thursday, March 15, 2007

Someone Else In Warren's Sights

From yesterday's blog:
Greetings from Florida. On our way to the Mouse House.

A few of us are trying to figure out who this bigot [] is. Tips can be sent to the usual place, at

Time to shine a light on another coackroach! (sic)
I took a look at that site and I must say, I am confused. Aside from calling Kinsella an "ass", which is admittedly schoolyardish, I didn't see much "bigotry" on display. What I did see was a lot of questioning of the policies of the government of Israel and a skepticism of the opinion leaders of the North American Jewish community. That may or may not be wrong headed, but it in no way satisfies the definition of bigotry. Mr. Kinsella should take care that, in his legitimate zeal to defend the Jewish community against anti-Semitism, he does not cross into anti-democratic stifling of dissent.
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